About Lady Love "Social Media Influencer"



Lady Love (Kartaysa) is a motivational speaker, life coach, instructor, youth leader, mentor, Theta

Healer Practitioner, and a spiritual/professional counselor for over 20 years.  

  She is a devoted wife, mother of six adult children, and grandmother to four.

Spiritual Counseling is no new thing for her. Through her years of experience, both personally and professionally, Kartaysa has touched so many lives. She has a way of understanding one's situation and providing the necessary tools needed to help to promote beneficial change.

Her motto: “Reach the World and Impact Nations!"



As a licensed ordained Evangelist since 1996, Lady Love, founded a non-profit organization. Her non-profit entity, inspired her to begin her journey as a published author and poet. 

Her first book, “Through My Eyes,” released January 2003, is an autobiographical saga, that gives an elaborate, in-depth expression of how she coped and overcame her teenage challenges.

Her second book, “Treasure Chest,” released May 2004 is a book of Sermonic Poetry. This book contains inspirations from the heart which inspire the soul.
Many would agree these are the best books to read. 


Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Lady Love has been a professional business owner in Las Vegas, Nevada, for over five years. She’s the founder of Through My Eyes Outreach Ministries, NFP,  a non-profit organization since 2003. Through her institution, she is able to fulfill a mission to empower and enlighten others. She is able to accomplish this by adding self-enrichment through addressing all aspects of one’s mind, body, and soul from the perspective of Self-Love.  Making her an outstanding social media influencer.